Intermediair voor het aanvragen van een VOG bij Dienst Justis
Intermediair voor het aanvragen van een VOG bij Dienst Justis

VOG aanvragen

Voor maar €41,15 wordt de aanvraag voor u klaargezet bij Dienst Justis.

Geen bezoek aan het gemeentehuis nodig

Een vlotte pre-screening door De-V0G

Via een veilig en betrouwbaar systeem

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Getting Around the VOG Application Process: A Complete Guide

Acquiring a Certificate of Conduct, also known as a VerklaringOmtrent het Gedrag, or VOG, is a mandatory first step for anyone seeking employment in the Netherlands or engaging in specific activities that need responsibility or trust. The goal of this lesson is to provide you with helpful information on how to apply online and get a VOG from the municipality. It mostly focuses on the Justis request process and the employer’s application form.

Understanding the Declaration on the Law (VOG)

The Verification of Goods (VOG) is an official record that verifies an individual’s past and reveals whether or not the individual has a criminal record that might exclude them from consideration for a certain role or duty. To offer a stable and secure work environment, businesses typically insist that job seekers produce a VOG.

How to Apply Digitally for a VOG

The VOG application process has been digitalized, which has simplified and accelerated the process in its entirety. Applicants may begin this procedure by going to the official website and selecting the online application area. In this instance, the employer will have to provide a digital application form with all the information needed for a thorough background check.


Employer's Application Form:

The employer plays a crucial role in facilitating the VOG application procedure. On the application form, the employer must provide true information about the candidate, including personal data, the job description, and the justification for requesting a VOG. Transparency in the presentation of this information ensures a more efficient and smooth processing of the application.


Getting a VOG via Justis:

An individual’s criminal background is evaluated in part by Justis, the screening body in charge of handling VOG applications. Employers may electronically apply the appropriate procedures, and Justis will then do a comprehensive background investigation. Employers must let Justis know about the role’s particular needs to customize the screening procedure to the demands of the position.


Applying for a VOG via the Municipality:

People have the option to apply for a VOG through their local municipality in addition to the digital application procedure. To complete this procedure, you must go to the municipal office, fill out a paper application, and provide the required supporting documentation. For people who need or prefer an in person application procedure, this approach is still a feasible one, even if it could take a little longer than the digital one.

Request for a Certificate of Conduct:

The Dutch government officially issues the Certificate of Conduct, also known as the VOG. Upon processing and approval, candidates will get this certificate attesting to their spotless criminal history. The employer is then given this document as verification that the applicant is qualified for the desired position.

In summary, understanding how to navigate the Dutch VOG application procedure is essential for anybody hoping to find work or take on positions requiring a great deal of trust and accountability. By knowing the digital application process, the value of the employer’s application form, and the function of Justis in completing background checks, candidates may guarantee a smooth and fast procedure. A vital first step in creating a reliable and secure community is getting a Certificate of Conduct, whether you want to apply online or via the municipality.